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By Tara Zandra | December 8, 2010

Finally got off my duff to get some Christmas stuff done. Basically, and I do this every single year, I start shopping for the kids in July. Because I start so early I feel really good about being ahead of the game. Oh, and I plan the dresses in August, so again, I feel like all is well. At no point do I consider all the stuff I want to bake, nor do I think of a timeline for actually sewing the dresses, and shopping for appropriate shoes doesn’t even register on my radar. Then there’s gifts that I need to buy that aren’t just for my kids and basically, I’m so freaking behind! I know I’m not alone in feeling Christmas is coming too fast but this year the thought has been depressing me. Tonight I combated those feelings by throwing Straight No Chaser on while I cooked dinner and then after we ate I immediately sat down and made a list of all the things I need/want to bake/cook. I have various party commitments but I also like to make Christmas candy to give to friends and also various teachers in the children’s life. I plan to work a little bit more before Tabitha goes to bed. I’ll actually get up with the alarm tomorrow morning, unlike the last 2 days, and do some more work before the kids get up. I think I need to break down all the need-to-do stuff day by day and get a clear plan. Top of the list though is to remember it’s Christmas and have fun with it all :)

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