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By Tara Zandra | December 6, 2010

Amazing what a long talk with a good friend will do for one’s disposition. I was feeling pretty down and wallowing in those feelings on the drive to Daisy’s dance; but I got to chat for an hour and now feel very upbeat.

This morning we went to see a small production of “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” It was a story that the younger kids did in book club a couple months ago so that was the driving force behind the field trip. Tabs hung with the older siblings and they probably spent most of the hour rolling their eyes at their surroundings.

What I did learn is I don’t like field trips on Mondays. That day is reserved for laundry, helping my house recover from the weekend neglect, and diving into this week’s lessons. Instead, I had only 3 hours and part of that was taken up with lunch and dinner preparation. Daisy and I managed to work on printing, logic skills, and reading while Tabitha was on her own with her Lapbook and violin practice. Laundry and my kitchen are pretty much how they were this morning, though both probably have new additions.

This past weekend was a busy one. Saturday, Tabitha got to go with her Girl Scout troop to help out with Rose Parade Float decorating. Basically they snipped flowers for 4 hours. They’ll go back another day to help out with the messy part. I don’t envy her. I did it in High School and hated it, but it’s the kind of thing that’s right up her alley.

While she was doing that, Chris, Daisy and I went to the Grove. First stop was American Girl Place where Daisy was too-too cute pushing her Bitty Baby around in her stroller. Daisy did a small craft then browsed the Bitty Baby stuff showing me all she wanted. Little does she know that she’s getting everything she pointed out for Christmas courtesy of a grandparent. I also took care of an exchange and was thrilled to find the slippers for Tabitha I needed. They were sold out online so it was a pleasant surprise to find them in store.

Next we went to Barnes and Noble and the Clinique counter before heading home. After Chris picked up Tabitha, we sat down to a lovely dinner. We had a super yummy black bean and veggie sausage soup; I used the kielbasa style of veggie sausage. Seriously, if those ingredients appeal to you, you should really try this recipe. Just a note, it’s not originally a vegetarian recipe so don’t let the words “veggie sausage” in my description scare you off : )

More yummy food on Sunday morning when I served scrambled egg tostadas. Chris and I had chipotle peppers in ours which kicked it up a notch. Soon we were off to the Natural History Museum for Corporate Partners Day. Essentially we got in free because Chris’s company is a Corporate Partner. We did the whole darn museum save for one section. It’s been awhile since I did that and man was I beat afterwards. We went home to rest up for a couple hours and then headed out for errands but rewarded ourselves with Chipotle for dinner.

We also finished up all our Christmas decorating and got the boxes put away. Both girls want new Christmas tress though so we don’t currently have any up. I could put up my gingerbread tree but time go away from me. I’ll probably wait until we have all our trees because I don’t want to dig through the ornament boxes just for mine.

So I’m both ready and not ready for Christmas at the same time. I really need to consolidate those feelings into one. Preferably the former.

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