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Carol of the Bells

By Tara Zandra | December 3, 2010

During park today we had a practice for an upcoming event in which we’re going to go sing at a retirement home. It was wonderful to really break out the Christmas songs. We had a nice mix of traditional and non-religious songs and I’m really looking forward to hopefully bringing some Christmas spirit to others.

After dinner tonight, we all donned pajamas and Santa hats, blasted classic Christmas songs, and got to work diving into the Christmas decorating. The boxes have been in the house since last weekend but not much work had been done. Now, we’re about 75% done and hope to finish up some time this weekend. It’s not going to be a leisurely weekend though so it will be interesting fitting everything in.

The Candy Fairy made an appearance last night to the children’s delight and dismay. Basically she took all the leftover Halloween candy, of which there was plenty, and left a stuffed animal and silly bandz for each child in its’ place. The girls are happy with their new loot, not so happy to have lost the candy. The little one took it a little better than the older one who kept asking me, “Seriously, where’s the candy?” Long gone would be the answer. I think I’ve put on 5lbs since Halloween and it needed to get out of here. I have zero self control, in pretty much everything except ice cream, so it’s best not to even be around candy.

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