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for once, he didn’t die

By Tara Zandra | November 19, 2010

I read three books this week, including a Nicholas Sparks. I’ll admit, I actually skipped to the last page to see who lived and who died. Sure it made the end a little anti-climatic, but since it wasn’t a tear jerker storyline anyway, I figured I’d rather know.

Today didn’t go as planned, but unlike yesterday, it went well. Yesterday was a bad day from pretty much 9am on. Today though, was nice. The weather was cold and drizzly so I didn’t think we’d be going to park, and then we found out a lot of people weren’t going anyway due to an event. So we were a little down, but then got a pleasant surprise in the form of a phone call inviting us over to play for a couple hours after book club. So off we went and I got to spend time with 2 lovely friends while all the kids played.

This evening was very simple with leftovers for dinner and then I pretty much sat and finished my book. I should have done some sewing but we have very minimal plans this weekend so I’m sure I’ll get plenty done.

Now I’m sitting here with a taste for something savory but no clue what that could be. It’s late so there’s no such thing as a healthy choice at this point. Not sure if I want to whip something up or send Chris to get something. It would be much easier if I craved sweet, what with the barrel of Halloween candy we have.

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