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The past

By Tara Zandra | November 2, 2010

Other things that have been going on. Chris had to go to Arizona for some training for work. I hate when he leaves as I hear a million bumps in the night. This time his leaving also coordinated with a difficult day in terms of getting the kids to their various activities. But the 3 of us managed and we were very happy to get him home again.

Last week the girls and I went on a field trip to a rock store. It’s essentially in a renovated garage of a house and there are a ton of rocks crammed in there. The kids were all given a talk on different kinds of rocks which Tabitha found fascinating and Daisy found a mite long. At the end the kids went through the store to choose their rocks for purchase. Tabitha answered a trivia question correctly and got to pick out a sedimentary rock for free.

After the tour we went to a friend’s house for a small Halloween party. The kids played and then ate pizza, then played and decorated cupcakes and made candy necklaces, then played some more before it was over.

On another day, Tabitha had an American Girl doll Halloween party. This is where home schooling comes in very handy as she had it mid-week during the day : ) Tabitha planned and set up the whole thing by herself with help from an American Girl Doll parties kit. It came with the invitations, decorations, and games, all doll-sized. It was very cute and she’s hoping to do this again for the other themes in the kit.

Last Friday, Tabitha went on an overnight trip to Sea World with her Girl Scout troop. She’s in a new troop now due to scheduling conflicts with dance and they like to do overnights. This is the second she’s done so far and I’m trying to get used to it. At Sea World, they actually got to sleep in one of the aquariums. They brought their sleeping bags and camped out in front of the fish. There were planned activities set up by Sea World and then they got to explore Sea World for the rest of the day. She had an absolute blast and is happy they plan to return next year.

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