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Mickey’s Halloween Treat

By Tara Zandra | November 1, 2010

We chose Tuesday, October 19 as our night to attend Mickey’s Trick or Treat event. It’s been at California Adventure for the last few years but it was moved to Disneyland this year which made it a new experience. Sadly, rain was being predicted. Chris and I both spent time on accuweather checking the hourly forecast. It seemed it was only going to rain in the 6 o’ clock hour so we held onto that hope and headed out.

Both girls were decked out; Tabi in her Evil Fairy costume that I sewed and Daisy as Princess Tiana. Sure enough, as soon as we got there and were in line for the tram, it started to rain. We made it all the way to the back of the park while wielding umbrellas, even poor Daisy in her beautiful dress. Once in the Princess Fantasy Faire area, we went through a treat line for candy and then saw there was a line for a couple of villains- the Evil Queen from Snow White and Maleficient. We jumped in line just as they left but Lady Tremaine and the Ugly Stepsisters came out so we waited to see them. One of the stepsisters referred to Tabitha as a bug due to her wings which cracked me up. We then decided to get back in line to wait for Maleficient because the whole area is covered and it seemed a good way to stay dry. Daisy was less than pleased as she seemed to have a goal of getting as much candy as possible. But we let being dry over rule her since we were pretty sure it would stop raining at 7pm. The line moved much faster than we anticipated so we eventually had to let people go in front of us. After a bit, both groups behind us were also waiting for Maleficient so the line kind of stopped. That’s right about the time Lady Tremaine and the Stepsisters left anyway, so it worked out. Daisy curtsied to the Evil Queen which always wins her favor. But she declined to meet Maleficient so it was just Tabitha.

The rain actually had stopped by then so off we went in search of candy. Our treat station map was wrong because the stations moved due to the rain so we had to ask cast members where to go. We finally figured out that they were directing us with flashlights and that made it much easier. Each line seemed to hit 3-5 carts of candy and they really poured in the handfuls so our treat bags were soon very full.

We went to Critter Country and saw Winnie the Pooh in his Super Sleuth costume so we waited to see him. Brer Bear was also there so we waited for him as well. We headed back to Main Street stopping for more candy in New Orleans Square.

At this moment, Daisy announced she had just lost her very first tooth! Oh my, how exciting and magical to happen at Disneyland! The downside- we didn’t have a good camera with us and were relying on Photopass photographers. How to document this moment? We found a Photopass photographer without a character and asked him to help us out since we were planning on buying the CD. He was happy to oblige and Daisy’s first was happily recorded.

When we got to Main Street, we were stopped by people waiting for the Cavalcade which was on it’s way. As we were looking for a crossover, we found a really good spot to view the parade so we decided to simply see it then instead of later. The Cavalcade was in front of us within 5-minutes and we had a great view. It was fun seeing all the characters including Country Bears in tutus!

Next we went to see the fairies and crossed our fingers to see Vidia. Not only did she walk out just as it was our turn, but she loved Tabitha’s purple fairy costume. She kept saying how it was someone like her and she was especially thrilled when I asked for a photo of just Vidia and Tabitha. Tink and Daisy stood to the side and pretended to be snubbed.

We went all the way down to the front of Main Street as we heard there were other villains there. Sure enough, Jafar was there so we went to see him. We asked if in fact Hades was there as we had heard and were told yes and to come back as soon as the fireworks were finished.

At this point it was getting time to wait for the fireworks show. It was the be the same Halloween fireworks as last year, but we never saw them last year. This year Disneyland decided to show them only during the party nights so we definitely didn’t want to miss them. We waited on Main Street for a little less than half an hour before they started. Let me say, I’ve seen a lot of fireworks shows in my life. I saw them 5 nights a week for the first two summers I worked at Disneyland. I’ve seen their 50th celebration show, the holiday show, and fireworks in Disney World. This Halloween show was by far the best fireworks I have ever seen, hands down. Well worth a wait and I hope to see them again next year.

At this point we’ve got tired children so we’re very glad we managed to see the earlier parade. We did see Hades who was simply magnificent. We went through one more treat line and then called it a night.

All in all, we had a fabulous time and were so happy the rain didn’t last long and didn’t ruin the evening. Oh, and we came home with so much candy we wouldn’t even need to trick-or-treat again if we didn’t want to!

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