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not very halloweenie

By Tara Zandra | October 30, 2010

So every year we go to Disneyland with the girls in Halloween outfits and take pictures around the park with various decorations. We also make it a point to ride Haunted Mansion, Space Mounting Ghost Galaxy and find characters in costume as well as do the craft in Woody’s roundup. After lunch we head over to California Adventure and take pictures there as they have a fabulous area called Candy Corn Acres. What often happens is by the time we get to Adventure, the kids are tired of pictures and we’re just tired. So this year we decided to split our visit in two. It was especially easy this year with 5 Sundays in October. We did Disneyland earlier this month and planned for California Adventure a week ago (October 17). We decided to go ahead and make it a full day by staying for World of Color as we hadn’t seen it yet. What’s that they say about the best laid plans?

The girls were not super decked out for our day to California Adventure as I hadn’t sewn anything this year and we didn’t buy anything super interesting, just a t-shirt for the big kid and a knit dress for the little kid. Thank goodness they weren’t all dolled up. First of all, there was a threat of rain for most of the day. But since it really was primarily a threat and wasn’t going to pour on us, we decided to go. As we walked through the entrance turnstiles, we noticed the distinct lack of Candy Corn Acres. I guess because the park is undergoing massive construction, and the Halloween party moved to Disneyland, they decided to completely ignore Halloween at Adventure which was sad. So were faced with one long day and nothing really special to do.

We did have a couple things on our wish list though so we set off upon arrival. First was grabbing fast passes for Soarin’ Over California and then we went to Toy Story Mania. That killed a good hour by the time we got off and Daisy was pretty mad by then. She hates waiting in that line. It was a bad enough line that I downloaded a free app onto my phone for her to play. Of course, then Tabitha wanted to play too so they passed the phone back and forth.

After that we went on Silly Symphony Swings which are like the swings you see at fairs. Chris rode with Daisy in a double seat so I had the bright idea to take pictures while we were spinning around. Somehow, this really messed with my head and stomach. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more woozy after a ride. The girls went on again while the old folks (myself and Chris, who also felt a little topsy-turvy) sat out. We went over to Soarin’ and while we waited to board, I decided I didn’t feel like a motion simulator ride was in my best interests.

One thing we wanted to do was see Duffy the Disney Bear. There’s a whole story with him and we have a couple of the plushes at home so I was determined to get to see him. I think I read he’s the most popular character in Tokyo Disney, but no one came to see him at Adventure! We literally walked right up. I had the girls go separately since we wouldn’t hold up a line. He was the cutest thing ever, let me tell you. The girls got “I hugged Duffy” stickers which they put in their autograph books since he doesn’t sign.

We had lunch and then cut across the way to Disneyland because Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were doing a meet and greet. Though Tabitha doesn’t care very much about characters any more and Daisy is fairly apathetic about them, I still like to get pictures of the kids with characters, especially new characters. The line over there wasn’t too bad and we enjoyed meeting them. Afterwards, Daisy laid back in the stroller and was asleep. We figured that was a good thing because she had been in a bad mood most of the day and we were going to be there well past her bedtime.

So for Tabitha, Chris, and I to kill time, we went to Downtown Disney. We walked quite a few stores and ran into a friend we see at the resort every so often. He suggested we kick it in the Grand Californian which sounded like a good idea. First we went to the Lego Store at which point Daisy woke up but wasn’t ready to really be up and stayed lying down in her stroller the whole time we were in the store. We made our way back inside California Adventure and tried to ride Monster’s Inc but it was down. We were walking over to the Animation Building and I felt an arm around my shoulder.

I looked down and it was “Alice.” In general I don’t speak frankly about Disney magic as it was drilled into me while I worked there never to ruin the magic. However, I know this isn’t read by very young children so I can make an exception. Plus, I know I’ve mentioned the back story here before.

Once upon a time, Tabitha was not quite 3 years old. We went to see a little show in Disneyland that included Alice from Wonderland. For whatever reason, Tabitha latched onto her and I have the sweetest picture of Alice kneeling on the ground swaying with tiny Tabitha to “Beauty and the Beast.”

Fast forward a month or so and we visit Alice again and she recognizes Tabitha. She continued to recognize her every time we visited her and was the sweetest person ever. We didn’t really know her, of course, as she was simply Alice to us. Over the years we made sure to only visit her and not a “different” Alice, if you will, and Alice was responsible for many special encounters.

As these things happen though, time marches on and we rarely saw her. Eventually through the magic of facebook I was able to connect with her through another friend of mine. She no longer does Alice but still works at the park

So anyway, she was there as a guest on Sunday and saw us and came to say hello which was so cool and kind of surreal at the same time. Below I present Tabitha with Alice, circa 2003 and Tabitha with someone I consider one of the most special people on the planet, taken on Sunday.



After that, which Chris and I continued to talk about for awhile, we went to a couple different things and then it was time for our dinner reservation. If you dine at Ariel’s Grotto, you are given a ticket to a reserved viewing area for World of Color so we figured that was the route to go.

Dinner was really good with the appetizer being salad, cold, roasted vegetables, cheese, fruit, and bread. Next was our entrée which was shells and cheese for Daisy but the rest of us had a ravioli in a broth and topped with shaved parmesan. It was soooo good. A dessert plate was brought out next and had something for everyone.

Next we checked out ElecTRONica which is hard to explain. If you remember my description of Glow fest a couple months ago, it’s similar. Disco lights, loud music, and somehow all tied into a Tron theme.

Eventually we made our way to the viewing area for World of Color and waited for the time to be let in. It started to really rain at this point so we pulled out our umbrellas. Once we found our viewing spot it was still raining on us but they said rain won’t cancel the show because it’s a water show. So we stuck it out and the girls and I played some trivia while Chris played on his phone. My was basically dead from it’s use all day so that was out as a source of entertainment.

The show was really good. There was dancing water like a traditional water show, with colored lights, and huge water screens with projections like Fantasmic. But then all of that was on a much larger scale than you would imagine. It was really, really good and I’d definitely like to do it again sometime.

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One Response to “not very halloweenie”

  1. Mel Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 12:57 am

    Sounds like a great day to me! So interesting to see a character as herself. I always wondered what that would be like to see. Whenever I go there I always try to picture how the people must look as who they really are. I find it distracting. LOL