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pearly whites

By Tara Zandra | October 6, 2010

I don’t think I mentioned here but Miss Daisy has her first loose tooth. My baby :D I think we’re looking at another week or two before it comes out but we’ve got the tooth fairy on stand-by!

Daisy also had a dentist appointment today and all her teeth are looking good. Apparently her bottom set of six year molars have already come in. Who knew? The top set are at the ready so we’ll see how long until she’s got them as well.

We decorated the house this past weekend. Love this time of year! We had to move things out of the living room to make it work, as usual. Aside from clearing off the mantle, we also put the trampoline in the garage and Daisy’s dollhouse in the playroom. Not a clue how we’ll make Christmas work! This year we have the art and music center where the tree usually goes and a Handy Manny workbench where the Christmas Little People go. And we have a lot of Little People so they need serious room! But for now we can enjoy spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, and bats.

Today I got it into my head that one of my shelves in the dining room bookcase needed to be redone. But between doing lessons with the kids, taking one of them to dance, and taking care of dinner, well, I didn’t exactly finish. The shelf is empty, but the stuff that needs to be there is on the table and a bit on the floor. I did manage to get rid of one whole bin though which will help with the putting things back aspect. Tabitha’s shelf of lessons has much more room. We finished her math book today and we’ve decided to dump her science program plus there were a couple other old things hanging around like an old Girl Scout book. Now she has more room which is good, because the California fiction needs somewhere to go.

I was working on a post while I was at the dance studio earlier but somehow I hit a button when I stood up and restarted my netbook. Bye-bye post! So tomorrow’s goal is a post with details on the scavenger hunt we did at………

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