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to-do list

By Tara Zandra | October 4, 2010

Seriously, how sad is it that I have a to-do list for posts on my blog? *sigh* I don’t want to leave too many holes because I definitely will be needing to rely on this blog when I someday get back to scrapbooking. This isn’t even a real post but I felt like blogging a bit.

After all that last week with my sore throat and 2 hour morning nap, I didn’t even get sick. I mean good! but it was still odd. I woke Wednesday perfectly fine. I guess I was just tired?

I re-read something I wrote back in June. It was fairly in depth about what the girls are doing with lessons and stuff. One line caught my eye where I said I would not consider Daisy an independant reader. You can forget I said that. She can and does read independantly nonstop. As I drive all I hear is what every single sign we pass says. Thank goodness the Lapband signs came down because I was beyond tired of her reading “Get Thin” and then going on a 3-minute tirade of how she didn’t want to get thin; every darn time we passed the signs which is roughly 5 times a week. As I was saying, she reads all the time. Currently it’s all the Dr. Seuss books but last week it was Sesame Street books. She reads a whole series and then moves on to the next. I still have her read to me daily though to really get the phonics aspect down. It will definitely help her in the long run when it comes to unfamiliar words.

Doing math with the kid is pretty much what I expected with her, she completely gets it. She makes these connections that are spot on. Tomorrow though I think I’ve got her, we’re doing counting by 2s and I don’t think she can do that. But maybe she can, who knows? The day after is telling time to the hour and that I know she cannot do that as we only have one analog clock and I don’t think she ever looks at it.

This wasn’t supposed to be a homeschooling post, but I guess I’ll tag it as such now :)

PS Thanks for the nice comments on the last things I sewed. I’ve finally started Tabitha’s Halloween costume and I’m very excited to finish it.

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One Response to “to-do list”

  1. Susan Says:
    October 5th, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Can’t wait to see Tabitha’s costume :)