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By Tara Zandra | September 23, 2010

Because Thursdays are our busiest days of the week, it seemed like a great idea to sign up for a homeschooling bowling league :/ The kids had fun and I had great fun watching them though so it’s worth it.

So yesterday a couple bees were found in my living room. I freaked, because I really hate being stung, sent the kids to their room and bombarded the little suckers with Raid when they flew to the windows. Today was like a repeat of yesterday except this time I called Chris and begged him to come home. When he listened at the fireplace he could hear faint buzzing so they are definitely in there. When he opened the flue he couldn’t see them so it’s not like a swarm or anything but still. He’s going to purchase screen material to put on the top of the chimney but in the meantime, we’ve covered the fireplace with plastic so no more can come in at least. Even after he puts the screening on top, I’ll still leave it covered for a bit so any still inside the chimney can die.

And then when we got home from dance, we went to take our dinner out of the oven and it turns out I had set it for dinner to be done at 6pm instead of 5pm so no dinner. Daisy suggested Denny’s so that’s what we did. Once Tabitha got home from dance I put together a cheese and fruit plate for her.

I guess we’ll be eating baked pasta tomorrow night.

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