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look, fish!

By Tara Zandra | September 22, 2010

Today was Homeschool Day at the aquarium. We look forward to it every year because they drastically cut the ticket price and school groups aren’t allowed to book on this day. As homeschoolers, we like being able to go to museums and such mid-week, but it stinks when we run into multiple school groups on a field trip. We are the rare homeschooling family who gets up super early so we were there right at 9am and had the whole top floor practically to ourselves. Next we hit the outside area where we touched stingrays and tiger sharks and watched a training session with the harbor seals and sea lions. By this time it was 10 and when we went back inside we hit wave after wave of groups of people that had just arrived. So we decided to relax with some drinks for awhile. After our small break, we finished up whatever we hadn’t done and then perused the gift shop. Once we left we went for a walk to stare at the ocean and gaze at the Queen Mary before heading home. All that and we were home by 1:15. Very good day.

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