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mummies and ladybugs, though not together

By Tara Zandra | September 21, 2010

Yesterday the girls and I attended a class on mummies designed for homeschoolers. It’s the first time we took one of the Science Center Homeschool classes so we weren’t sure what to expect other than traffic. Kids were divided into 3 different age groups to begin with. Parents have the choice of dropping off or staying with thier child so it’s perfect for me as I dropped off the big one and stayed with the little one. Daisy’s class was really more about archaeology but she had a great time so it doesn’t really matter. First they did an activity to simulate archaeologists findings of broken pottery and how it can tell them about the people who made the pottery. Then the kids learned proper digging procedures and off we went for a good dig in the dirt. Many “artifacts” were found including a giant bone by Miss Daisy. Everything was documented and then we headed back to the classroom. There was a little talk about decomposition and what bacteria can do but other kids were being pretty loud and fidgeting by that point so I explained it to Daisy myself. For the activity, the kids were given a petri dish of agar and told to rub their fingers all in it and then it was capped. We brought the dish home with instructions to observe in a week but let me tell you, it’s already growing stuff thanks to the dirt from the dig. Lastly, the kids were presented with examples of rotting fruit and good fruit and filled out a chart of their observances.

We then met up with Tabitha and had our picnic lunch then went into the Science Center as there were tables of activities set up for the homeschoolers. This was something the families would then get to do together, especially if a child was dropped off. Tabitha also came home with a petri dish of germs, but her class also swabbed their cheeks to add to it. Of course the dishes are on my kitchen counter so yes, those dishes of mold really are a science experiment!

Today I had 2 goals- laundry and finishing all ladybug activities with Daisy while Tabitha worked on her own. Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Email, text messages, phone calls, are were exhibiting a high amount of activity to the point where I shut them all off so I could focus. Things still weren’t great so the kids and I went out to lunch and to the mall for a little retail therapy.

But Daisy and I did finish her Ladybug Lapbook today. I’ll have to share pics later as it’s getting late. But first thing this morning we observed our ladybugs of which we had 9 beautiful beetles living in our Ladybug Land. I introduced the idea of symmetry to her as apparently ladybugs’ hard shell wings are symmetrical to each other. Next, we released the ladybugs in our front bush as it often has aphids on it. Whether or not they’ll stay, I don’t know, but there’s a chance.

Daisy then did a couple activities relating to symmetry and then added spots to a blank ladybug drawing so that they were mirror images. Next we made 4 little paper ladybugs with wings that open and close because they are affixed with a brad. When you open the wings you can read a ladybug fact. At that point the inside was done so all she had to do was decorate the cover and then I gave her silly ladybug stickers I had bought and let her add them all over. She’s quite proud of the lapbook and loves looking through all the activities.

So we have just one mor thing to do and then we’re all done with ladybugs. It’s been a lot of fun. Next up for Daisy is the Solar System, as soon as I purchase a ton o’ stuff.

Tabitha did work on her California project but ran into difficulties that needed my attention. Since I couldn’t give that today she worked on her “A Wrinkle in Time” lapbook but didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked.

In the afternoon after we were home from the mall, Tabitha gave Daisy a sculpting lesson with clay. That doesn’t have to do with anything, I just thought it was a sweet way to end.

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