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Wishy Washy

By Tara Zandra | August 23, 2006

We did creative writing a little differently starting last week. I gave Tabitha the idea to create her own animal. She wrote a few sentences every day and today ended with a drawing to represent what she had written. Below is what she wrote. As always, all spelling is hers, not typos on my part.

“My anamial is a reptial with fethers. He is also the colares pink, blue and purple. My animal has a super long tail. It also walks on 4 legs. His legs have tiny claws as well. My animal is a herbivore and likes to eat berries. He is not nacturnal. His name is the Tag animal. My animal’s name is Washy, and he is very shy. Washy has a friend whose name is Wishy, and they both like berry ice cream. Washy’s fav. things are roses and picnices. Washy likes playing with blocks. He enjoys makeing lots of little towers, then knocking them all down. Somtines, Wishy comes to build to.”

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Washy and Wishy

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