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pleasant little saturday

By Tara Zandra | September 19, 2010

We started yesterday with pancakes which the kids always consider an excellent start. We then went to Best Buy which was frustrating and then the mall which was fun. We did a little shopping, took a survey on movies which earned us each a couple dollars (Tabitha was especially happy to add to her Disney fund) then went to Rubios for lunch. We stopped at Barnes and Noble for books where I found a Dick and Jane and Vampires book that I really must have. At home we all did whatever and for me that meant sewing. I was working on an applique to finish up a Daisy outfit and it was plagued with issues from the beginning. I didn’t get it done until 10pm though I wasn’t sewing non-stop. It was the type of project that saw me break 2 needles, use the seam ripper on a good chunk of stitching and have to stop and go buy more black thread because I ran out with approx. 2-inches left to sew. But it’s done and I can move on to other projects now.

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