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just had to check the date on my last post

By Tara Zandra | September 17, 2010

…because I couldn’t remember when I last posted. It’s just the age-old blog story of being busy so don’t have time to blog and when I have time, there’s really nothing to blog about.

This week we went to the fair, Tabitha had a movie watching play date for Camp Rock 2 (it is not better the second time around), we went a science museum, the girls danced, we went to park today, and we’re currently at violin. Oh, and my phone apparently still hates me.

Remember the new My Touch 3G Slide I got oh, less than a month ago? Last week it started to randomly restart whenver. Did I mention this in my last blog post? I think I did but I’m too lazy to check. Anyway, Chris was on the phone with support, he switched batteries in our phones, but my phone still restarted so support decided to send me a new phone. I received it Wed. and guess what? It still randomly restarts. Chris is going to take it into a T-Mobile store tonight and see what they can do. In the mean time, I feel no connection with my phone as all personalization is gone and I’m not going to do anything until I’m sure I have a phone that works. Plus, all my numbers that I had lost and replaced? Gone again. At least the phone features still work and not only can I check Facebook, but I can utilize the GPS which I enjoy.

On a truly personal level, I’ve had one thing or another wrong with me for over a week now. All minor stuff until strung together. My current ailment is a left shoulder/upper back pain that is pretty close to unbearable. I find it difficult to look over my shoulder to change lanes without gasping a small ow. I hate to harp on what’s bothering me (actually, I think I love to harp on it and simply say I don’t to justify more harping) so I don’t like that I say ow everytime I want to merge left.

I want to do a separate post on the fair so I’ll save those details for when I’m at home with my scanner and competition results.

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