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mopey moperson type post

By Tara Zandra | September 11, 2010

Few things make me happier than sitting at a park while my kids play. Today I only have one kid and the park borders a very busy street so the car noise never stops. This is neither relaxing nor really any fun. The little one is climbing and we brought her scooter so it’s a good thing in that respect. I’m still suffering, yes I’m using the suffering word, from a headache I’ve had for going on 3 days now. It appears to be sinus related so I did take a decongestant but it also contained an antihistamine so now I’m kind of dragging which I think also explains my malaise. And there’s still pain here and there which after 3 days, I’m very tired of it all.

Other little things in life are bothering me, which I will attempt to get out my system here and then perhaps have a chance at enjoying the rest of the day. First, we’ve been dealing with ants for most of the summer. We’ve had three separate lines of them in the house as well as them just hanging out in groups of twos and threes here and there in other places of the house. We’ve always had a ton of ants outside and very rarely we’d get a line of them inside but this summer is the worst. We take care of them quickly and they don’t seem to be coming back to the same spots but I’m tired of them finding new places to get inside.

Girl Scouts is causing me grief once again in a few ways. They are too small to bother going into detail, it’s more that the sum of all the small things is weighing me down. The biggest issue right now is scheduling.

My beloved new phone decided to rebel. It now randomly restarts itself whenever it feels like it. It seems to be about every hour or two. I know it’s doing it because it buzzing from the vibration and then I can hear the t-mobile jingle as it turns back on. Chris called tech support and they had him set my phone back to factory settings and then swap batteries with his phone. Well my phone still does it so they’re sending me a new phone but in the mean time I’ve lost all my settings and can’t even use my hands-free anymore. I don’t want to set it all back up because I’ll just have to do all that when the replacement arrives.

Side note: two cars in the parking lot thing I want to hear their music. One is an oldies station and the other is dance techno. Interesting mix.

I’m also a bit down that we’ve had no consistency with lessons the last couple of weeks and that’s not going to change next week. I’m grateful for all we’re able to do and how much time home schooling allows us, but by the same token, I like doing lessons with my kids and feel a little restless when we’re not getting stuff done in terms of formal lessons.

On a bright note, I sent away for more ladybug larvae since all of the last batch went kaput and this group is doing so well! They were very active larvae and all but maybe 4 have entered the pupa stage. It’s very interesting to watch and we’re all enjoying them. As soon as they turn into adult ladybugs, Daisy and I will do more activities with her lapbook.

Yesterday Tabitha had another class at Disneyland. This one was improv and she said they mainly played games. I explained that’s pretty much what an improv class would be like. She had a great time, of course, and happily told me all about it on the very long, very traffic-filled drive home. We actually missed violin due to that traffic. While Tabitha was in her class, Daisy and I spent time with friends as the older sister was with Tabitha. The four of us has a good time allowing Daisy and her friend to choose what rides we experienced. They were so cute holding hands and planning where to go. Definitely a lovely way to spend a couple hours.

Okay then, a wedding party just showed up and they are letting the flower girl climb and slide in a very poofy and fancy white dress and this park is covered in woodchips. Obviously the wedding is over and everyone’s here for the reception that I see being set up but it’s still odd to let her climb around in that dress. I’m sure it will never get used again though, so what’s the difference? Goodness knows Tabitha’s flower girl dress from when she was 4 is hanging in the spare closet collecting dust. I held onto it in case it could possibly ever get used for Daisy, but she’s 5 and a half now so I guess it’s time to get rid of it. Maybe I should list it on eBay.

I’m going to see if I can convince Daisy to head to a McDonald’s as the reception music is setting up and it’s recorded church organ style music. No thank you. Oooh, leprechaun! A bridesmaid with a bright green dress and Bozo the Clown red hair just arrived.. Fun. And she is not happy about the junior bridesmaid climbing in her dress. Maybe this will get good.

Guess I won’t see though, Daisy just asked to leave. McDonald’s Diet Coke, here I come!

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One Response to “mopey moperson type post”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    September 11th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I’m on my second day of a headache also - it goes away for a few hours if I take Advil, but then it just comes right back again. There must be something in the air.