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tag team day

By Tara Zandra | September 9, 2010

Once again I’m at dance. Pretty much assume any blog written in the afternoon is done at dance. Loving being able to connect to the internet via my phone; it’s handy when I can’t tap into some free wi-fi. Today is Daisy for an hour and a half, during that time Tabitha does some lessons then I take Daisy home and Tabi has class for two hours. The rest of us eat dinner and then Chris comes back to get Tabs and she gets to eat when she gets home.

Today had an added wrinkly of Tabitha having a musical theater class at Disneyland. Daisy and I had fun just the two of us. We rode Thunder Mountain twice, did a little of Fantasyland, visited Mickey at his house, then kicked back in the play area for a bit. Then we rode the train, had a few bites to eat, meandered into a couple shops and then went to wait for Tabitha, who, by the way, loved her class and cannot wait for the next one.

I think I had more to say but my brain is tapped out. I’ve got a pounding headache that even excedrin has not cured, I’m hungry, and I’m sleepy. But my spirits are very high therefore it’s all good.

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