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as it goes

By Tara Zandra | September 7, 2010

Standard problem of living life and therefore no time to blog about it! I’m sitting at dance right now with one room playing “All the Single Ladies” and the other playing “Electric Avenue.” Curious mashup, but good blogging music.

We pretty much made the most of our 3-day weekend. Saturday morning we took off first thing and went to Pump It Up. That’s a bounce house party place for those that don’t know. For the weekend they were having family time so we bought tickets for the girls to bounce their hearts out. Chris and I did the obstacle courses and found out why kids are always tired and sweaty at these places. We stayed almost the full 2-hours and both kids were wilted by the end.

Next stop was Toys R Us because I wanted to get a feel for what they might want for Christmas. I had a coupon to use so when we had finished the whole store, Chris took them to look at video games and I slipped away so purchase a couple things to put away. Afterwards we went to lunch before going home.

Tabitha and I had a date together so we weren’t home for very long before we went out. I had put off taking her to see a couple movies for so long that they weren’t in regular theaters anymore. I happened to find both of them in the same dollar house though and it was in a mall. So first stop was shopping at Justice to use my 40% off coupon and then we sat down to watch “Ramona and Beezus” with some popcorn. Not the greatest interpretation of the books and frankly I felt they ruined the Beezus character all together. I don’t mind Selena Gomez so it wasn’t that, just the character. Anyway, I won’t go on because that would be a whole blog entry in and of itself. We took a restroom break and grabbed some candy and more drinks then went back in to “Prince of Persia.” I just love light action movies- so fun! At the end Tabitha asked me if that was PG-13 what was R like? At first I thought that meant I made a mistake taking her and it was too violent for her but she assured me she was fine. She just really doesn’t know what might make a movie rated R.

Sunday we had a late start and then headed out to a used bookstore run by Goodwill. We’ve been meaning to go there forever and finally got there. At first I was disappointed by how small it was. But I walked away with 19 chlidren’s books so I guess it’s a good thing it’s not any larger! We did a Target run and then came home. Tabitha, Daisy and I played Clue Jr, then all of us sat down to watch “I Love Lucy.” My mom called inviting us to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday so off we went to Olive Garden. It was a really good meal but I was too-stuffed by the end. After we got Daisy to bed, Chris, Tabitha and I played regular Clue which I haven’t played in a really long time so that was a lot of fun. Tabitha won for the first time ever so she was really stoked about that.

And then Labor Day we got out early and ran a couple errands, then watched Great Food Truck Race while eating lunch. We each went our own way after that so I did some sewing. I’m making a fairly simply skirt for Daisy with matching applique top. After dinner we watched more Lucy to end the day.

Today was still busy though sadly, Chris did have to go back to work. The girls and I headed to Hanna Andersson which is not close at all. They had sent me a postcard deal where if you bring in gently used children’s books you get 20% off your purchase. I had a bag of books in the garage that hadn’t been donated to Goodwill yet so it was perfect. The girls each picked out one outfit though we found out they don’t carry Tabi’s size in store so her’s had to be ordered.

Then we drove a short distance away to a friend’s pet supply store. She opened her busy earlier this year and I hadn’t made it out there yet. The kids picked out some cat toys and dog food while my friend and I chatted. It was a very nice talk and I look forward to visiting again.

After all that, dinner tonight will be the very simple veggie dog, because I’m freaking tired.

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