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good stuff

By Tara Zandra | August 30, 2010

Me: You are wonderful little freaks.
T: Hey! I’m insulted!
D: Yeah. I’m in-salted in salt water too!

We had lunch with my mom today and aside from the pleasant visit and the bizarrely affectionate kids (to each other), it was a really tasty veggie burger.

Daisy started her new dance schedule today and her first class includes one of our park friends. So I got to sit and talk with my friend for an hour. Yay!

Yesterday we went letterboxing and walked a trail we’ve never been on despite it being a park we’re familiar with. It was great fun exploring and we found both letterboxes then had a good lunch at our new favorite place Rubios.

The last good thing I’ll mention is I’m about to get a shoulder rub :)

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