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last minute

By Tara Zandra | August 28, 2010

Yesterday had two rash decisions for me. We hadn’t planned on going to park because Tues/Wed/Thurs the temps were flirting with 100° and I was sure it was be the same on Friday. So I planned for the girls and I to just get some extra stuff done in lessons. But then I woke up early from a bad dream which left me feeling out of sorts and anxious. Then the girls both seemed grumpy and neither was in the mood to do anything. We were getting absolutely nothing productive done and I said something to the effect of we might as well have gone to park. Tabitha told me we still could and she was right so off we went. It was perfectly lovely and exactly what the three of us needed.

After dinner, Miss Daisy was talking about something she wanted and I told her I thought she was going to say Disneyland. She said, “Well, can we?” That’s all I needed to hear. To Disneyland we all went! We honestly didn’t stay that long because the weather actually took an unexpected dip and it was rather chilly. Plus Daisy was getting tired out and it was kind of crowded. We still managed a few rides but we headed for home earlier than we thought. We stopped at the candy shop though for some goodies on the way out.

We started today off with omelets and then Tabitha had a Girl Scout pool party to attend. Somehow or other, Tabitha taught herself/was taught by a friend, how to swim. I watched her jump into the 9′ deep end and then immediately start swimming. This happened sometime in the last month. Good for her!

While she was at the party, Chris, Daisy and I ran a couple errands and the last one was frustrating so that left Daisy and I grumpy again. Then I had to rush through a lot of paperwork that I had to turn in when I went to pick up Tabs and then immediately go get her.

But since we’ve been home we’ve all had a fairly relaxing day and enjoyed some good family time. Daisy was a bit tired which was affecting her mood so I offered her a bath which she upped to a bubble bath and then I painted her toenails before sending her to bed. Tabitha is keeping Chris company while he plays a video game. I’m dinking around with no real interest in anything but trying to forget that by blogging :)

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