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night life

By Tara Zandra | August 26, 2010

The days may be blistering hot, but oh how lovely the evening is. I spread a blanket on the patio on the backyard and pulled out a couple chairs for Daisy and I. We’ve listened to all the night sounds- crickets, the coo of a nearby dove, chirps of various other birds- and admired the pink tones of the sunset as it reflected off the underside of the clouds. We also watched a spider wrap up his dinner much to Daisy’s delight. She also spent some quality time petting the dog and swinging. I was reading, but I couldn’t do that and concentrate on conversation with Daisy at the same time. Currently she is expressing how home is the best place in the world and her love of the blanket I laid down.

Today was a very pleasant day. At one point I had a very bad headache but that really just led to me reading a new book while relaxing on the couch so I can’t exactly complain. Daisy played in the backyard so we didn’t do an extensive ladybug activity. She did a couple fun pages I had printed but that’s it. She and I also did reading, math and printing.

For Tabitha I asked her not do California history today since I wanted her to do Chemistry including preparing a lab for tomorrow. She also worked on her “A Wrinkle in Time” lapbook as well as the usual French, violin, math, grammar and spelling. Tabitha’s lessons were rounded out with her dance class.

When we came home from dance it was still scorching so Daisy had me fill her pool and she got some good water play in. Tabitha chose to play video games in the air conditioning.

Dinner was another yummy meal. I chose a recipe from the new Vegetarian Times magazine. Essentially it was a Fettucine Alfredo but used linguine and cream cheese as opposed to cream. It was very lemony with a couple TBSP of lemon juice was well as the lemon zest. I served steamed broccoli and then for the protein I had bought Boca Bruschetta patties and sliced them up then lightly fried them in oil. Daisy wasn’t such a fan, but the rest of us enjoyed. She ate up the pasta and broccoli though, plus some of her sister’s broccoli.

After dinner was game time for Daisy and I and then we ended up here. All in all it was the kind of day that makes you smile and be happy in life.

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