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new table = fun

By Tara Zandra | August 25, 2010

Last night I purchased a folding table because the girls can’t do lessons in the same space. They both have projects that need to be spread out and I don’t like to keep the dining table at its full size because that’s just too big. So a folding table in the living room that could be brought out and put away was in order. But it couldn’t be a regular card table because they all either have tops that are padded or plastic with a texture to them and neither type works for writing. I ended up with a 4-feet long by 2-feet wide table that is bulky and heavy and with a wood top which is perfectly flat.

You’d think I bought a new toy the way the girls were fawning over it. Last night Daisy got out the cars and sat at the table to play. Today Tabitha insisted on doing her lessons in there and they both sat at it to eat lunch. I wonder how long their fascination will last? The table hasn’t even been put away since we brought it home because currently Chris is using it as a footrest while he reads on the couch!

Today was an at-home day because it is far too hot to do anything except sit inside in the a/c. The big kid went straight for the California state notebook project again and worked on it for an hour and a half. She then did her “A Wrinkle in Time” lapbook and then worked on her history timeline. I keep calling it ancient history, but I guess we’re done with that and now it’s Medieval history. Tabitha also did her regular stuff like violin, French, spelling, and math.

Daisy didn’t have too much to do today. Ladybug projects are kind of on hold until her pupa turns into a ladybug and frankly, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. We only have the one lone guy as the others all croaked. All she did today was make a paper pupa to put on her paper leaf that also has a ladybug egg and larva. Then she read, did an activity book, and did math and that was it for her. Since she wants more ladybug activities I found some printable sheets on the internet for tomorrow. One thing I printed is a ladybug matching game which she should really be happy about.

Dinner was yummy with parmesan roasted potatoes, green beans with a vinaigrette, and tofu baked in BBQ sauce. There were also grapes for the girls as they don’t eat green beans and they are seriously the most sweet and juice grapes ever. I definitely need to have more before they’re all gone.

After dinner I did some sweeping in the backyard so Daisy can go play there tomorrow and then she and I played a game while Tabitha made brownies. Soon as we get that big kid to bed, Chris and I can settle in with Psych :)

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