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By Tara Zandra | August 22, 2010

Even if the past week is complete old news, I’m still going to type it up. If nothing else, my blog posts help me with my scrapbooking in terms of knowing what the pictures are from specifically. Not to mention, sometimes I enjoy reading my old posts and seeing what we were up to.

So, last Sunday (Aug. 15). We ran errands and had lunch out. Mainly, I updated Facebook constantly from the new phone just because I could. That night, Tabitha and I picked up one of her friends and went to a mall for a Girls’ Night Out event sponsored by Girl Scouts. There were crafts, a photo booth, karaoke and shopping. The girls had a fabulous time and I survived. We closed out the party at midnight and then all of us came home so the girls had a sleepover as well.

Skipping to Tuesday, my girls were both invited to a joint birthday party for a set of sisters. The two of the them are just right in age with the two of mine so it works out nicely. It was at one of those bouncy places and as usual all the kids had a ton of fun. You really can’t go wrong with one of those places. After the party we stepped into to Target to get a few things and then I decided to head to the children’s educational store. I hadn’t been since Tabitha was studying Greece and I was sure I could find one more ladybug thing for Daisy and one more California History thing for Tabitha. I was wrong and was sorely disappointed. It was our mega hot day too and the store isn’t exactly easy to get to or come home from so it was a big let down all around. We came home and all of us put on our PJs and I promised we wouldn’t leave the house until the next afternoon.

Which was Wednesday. Tabitha went to a pool party and Daisy opted to come home and play computer games. Chris was home by the time we needed to leave to get Tabi and it was decided we were going to go to California Adventure for the evening. Again, I updated Facebook over the course of the night just because. We started off at California Adventure’s “Glowfest” which I find hard to describe. Kind of like a club atmosphere but with kids and outside. We did watch a great performance by some Bollywood style dancers. It was a really hot evening and neither of my girls felt much like dancing to we headed to Disneyland instead. We purchased some goodies from the candy shop and parked ourselves on Main Street to wait for the fireworks. We rarely watch them from there so it was a great treat. Next we headed to a different area and saw fabulous spots for watching Fantasmic. So we decided why not? and waited for that show. We didn’t get home until after midnight but it was a great night!

Thursday, hmmm. I’m thinking nothing much. I think we all slept really late and then eventually Tabitha had dance class and I took Daisy to a McDonald’s playplace. But nothing really too interesting. Wait- I take that back. After dance, Tabitha changed and put on her Junior Girl Scout vest and we went to a local animal shelter where she donated a ton of pet items as the final step to her bronze award. They were so grateful for everything and really just the nicest people. We were told the caty stuff would be put to immediate use as they don’t get too many cat toys/treat donations. We were very happy to hear that. We toured the shelter which was really, really hard. I couldn’t even stay in the cat room for fear of crying. Afterwards we ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with a gift card my mom had given us for our anniversary last month. We then did a quick stop at Henry’s before coming home.

Friday was park in the morning which was really lovely. We had a small turnout for some reason but it was certainly a great group. Tabitha went home with a friend as she was having a sleepover so it was just Daisy and I afterwards. She was really tired that night so we put her to bed half an hour early so Chris and I got tons of time together. We just watched TV but what we do doesn’t really matter so long as it’s together.

Saturday (as in yesterday, Aug. 21), Tabitha was gone with her friend to the Getty Museum. Chris, Daisy and I went to Target and then we tried to take Daisy to Coldstone for a treat, but they didn’t open until noon and it was barely 11. So went to lunch at Rubios since that’s our new favorite restaurant. We then walked over to the T-Mobile store and Chris bought me a new hands free ear piece as my old one didn’t want to work with the new phone. We went to the grocery store and they just happened to be having a coloring activity in the produce department so I left Chris and Daisy there while I shopped. Aside from coloring, she was given a chocolate chip cookie, a balloon, and a Toy Story pencil. That’s a great day to a 5 year old! Once home I sewed and that’s pretty much it. Eventually Tabitha came home and we got kids to bed.

Finally, today! We went to Disneyland. We did our customary 8 o’ clock arrival time and got so much done before the crowds showed up. A friend texted me that he was on his way so we met up with him and his adorable little boy. The six of us watched the Tiki birds and rode Small World before parting ways. We finished up our morning with a ride on Splash Mountain. Man oh man did Tabitha and I get drenched! That’s why we left the ride until last. The plan was to stop at El Pollo Loco near Disneyland but it turns out, a heck of a lot of people had that idea. The place was packed. In the end we just came home; Tabitha had leftovers, Daisy grazed and Chris went and got El Pollo Loco for just us. We all did various things the rest of the afternoon. I personally planned all of tomorrow’s lessons because I find that more and more necessary with all the projects these two are doing. Once you add in the afternoon dance commitments and I really need to be on top of my game. Make no mistake, I’m not complaining. I love every minute of it and gladly do whatever planning is necessary for the girls’ lessons.

We’re all still doing our own thing and now I no longer have blogging hanging over my head. Yay!

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