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where’d the time go?

By Tara Zandra | August 8, 2010

Well that was an unscheduled break from blogging. Not sure what happened there. Nothing of note really went on during the week but we had a pretty good weekend.

Saturday Tabitha got to go see a sneak preview of Camp Rock 2 which made her very happy. It’s not even going to be on TV until Sept. so it was a real treat. After she was back with us again, we had dinner with my in-laws who had been wanting to try one of the gourmet food trucks. There’s one that was going to be in their area so Chris and I stood in line for the food to take back to their house. It was soooo good, as usual.

Today had ups and downs- I think mainly I was just restless. We started the morning by going on a nature walk on nearby equestrian trails. It wasn’t fabulous but it got us out and about in the sunshine so that’s the important thing. Chris suggested Rubio’s for lunch as we’ve only recently discovered that we like that place. In the early evening Chris, Daisy and I did some yard work while Tabitha did housework. I think our gardeners have deserted us as they haven’t shown in 2 months. I don’t really care as they do a lousy job anyway, but this means Chris and I have to do general maintenance.

After Daisy was in bed I started working on putting lessons together for tomorrow. I find that if I prep Monday’s lessons, the rest of the week falls into place without much work at all. Somehow or other I found myself distracted by the California Avocado Commission website. They have some really yummy sounding recipes on there! I was supposed to be looking for more California history resources. I think avocados still qualify.

I’m looking forward to working on new stuff with the girls tomorrow, but I’ve researched so much this evening I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming of ladybugs crawling inside California Missions.

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