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I want my mummy

By Tara Zandra | August 2, 2010

Sunday morning the girls and I headed out to the science center to see the mummies exhibit. Chris was supposed to come too, but sadly was still feeling poorly. Since I had already bought tickets and they were non-refundable and couldn’t be exchanged, we had to make the decision to go without him.

But we did have a pretty good time. It’s a special exhibit on mummies from around the world, though they use the word mummy to mean any preserved animal (including humans) not necessarily intentionally preserved. So there were animals that were preserved because of dry conditions in say, an attic. There were the traditional kind as well. Daisy was intent on making sure she saw mummies that were unwrapped. I think she came to regret that decision!

Next we started looking at a new section of the science center but it turned out to be so large that we decided to postpone it until a future visit. We’re thinking we’ll go right after school goes back in session but it will still be too early for school field trip groups to get in the way.

After a relaxing lunch in the car with all the windows down and the back open to let in the wonderful breeze, we walked over to the Natural History Museum to see the butterflies. There were quite a few flitting about this year. I got a ton of pictures and I feel something of them really came out nice. I’ll share soon (famous last words!).

We then went to climb rocks but I wasn’t feeling it. Since I knew we were coming back soon, I didn’t feel obligated to stay that long and it wasn’t very peaceful as there were a ton of loud people in the rose garden next to us. The three of us went back into the science center to check out the gift shop before leaving. Tabitha asked me to buy her some astronaut food, which is hardly something I could say no to. She picked out chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and when I had some later, I have to say the flavor was spot on. I also bought her a tube that helps do the mentos and Diet Coke trick. She’s been wanting to try that trick forever and this is a neat way to do it. The package comes with different caps to put on the Diet Coke bottle so you can get different shaped geysers. It also came with the Mentos. For Daisy I chose a toy that is similar to tangrams but uses more shapes. Kind of the same concept though. It’s been on my personal wishlist forever it seems so it was good to finally purchase it.

Today it was good to get back to normal. Full lessons for both kids and regular housework for me- not sure of the last time I vacuumed. I didn’t do yoga or cook dinner though so it wasn’t perfect but better than the chaos of the last month.

I dusted off the old Ladybug Land and ordered Daisy some ladybug larvae. I ordered them Friday morning and they were here Saturday! Sadly, it doesn’t look like too many of them are alive, I don’t know if it’s just too late in the season or what. We’re watching what we have and I’m not adverse to ordering more if we don’t get enough viable ones this time around.

I also ordered 2 different curriculum guides for activities to do with Daisy based on ladybugs. Though they are both designed for classroom use, I think I can make them worth our while. They will need a lot of photocopying though so I should invest in more black ink soon.

Tabitha was looking for something to read last week and Chris offered her his old copy of _A Wrinkle in Time_. Lo and behold I happen to find a lapbook project for that very book while researching for something else! I ordered an e-copy and looked through it already but she probably won’t get it started until Wednesday. Always fun to find projects though as she is a typical child who likes hands-on things. If any of my homeschooling readers are intereted it’s called Learn ‘N Folders and they have many subjects, not just literature. I will *try* to remember to do a review and pictures after Tabitha finishes it.

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One Response to “I want my mummy”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    August 2nd, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    Gillian loved A Wrinkle in Time - she saw it performed as a play earlier this year, and then came home and read my copy of the book. Does Chris have the old edition with the bluish-green cover and the winged creature? I had that one when I was a kid and still miss it. The new cover art just isn’t the same!

    Also, I’ve got some astronaut ice cream in the pantry (a friend gave it to me for Christmas last year) but have been afraid to try it. Maybe now I’ll be brave enough. :)