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weekend update on wednesday

By Tara Zandra | July 28, 2010

Tabitha is in a day camp this week and today I thought rather than go home, Daisy and I would spend the time going to a couple parks. Just to be sure we’d have enough to do, I also found a nearby McDs with an indoor play area. Daisy chose the big park to go to first so I was sure we’d be eating our lunch there and at least half our time would be there. I think we were there exactly one hour and now we’re at the second park which is tiny and full of toddlers. Not just toddlers, but toddlers with annoying parents who over-talk everything they say and all with a sing-song voice. They’re kids, not imbeciles. Well, I mean, a couple of them might turn out to be idiots, but it’s a little too soon to tell so no need to treat them that way. I can’t imagine Daisy wanting to stay here too long so we’re going to be stuck at McDonald’s for a long time.

My posts haven’t been very good of late and I know that. But I did want to talk about our weekend. Yesterday was our 14th anniversary but we celebrated on Saturday. My MIL bought us tickets to the LA Street Food Fest. Basically, a ton of the gourmet food trucks I’ve been talking about, as well as a few restaurants, set up booths at the Rose Bowl. Our tickets not only included entrance but all food as well. We ate so much! First of all, we had the VIP tickets, thank goodness, which means we got in 90-minutes before general admission tickets. This enabled us to sample half of the vendors before the GA ticket holders were let in. We had strawberry tamales, tater tots, sweet potato fries with peanut butter and chocolate, sweet corn cake, dark chocolate brownie in an ice cream cone, tofu Vietnamese sandwiches, crunchy tofu balls, Italian rice balls, vegan cookies, vegan ice cream, sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, and, oh yeah there was a beer garden and tequila tasting. That’s not quite everything we ate, I don’t think, but it’s all I remember right now. Even with everything being small bites, I was beyond stuffed to the gills. I quit before Chris who sampled far more desserts than myself. It was a fabulous afternoon though, I don’t care how full I was. I definitely want to do this next year. There’s one at the Honda Center next month, but you have to pay admission, pay parking, and then pay for the food and drinks. LA does it better, in my opinion, with an inclusive ticket.

I was right, 20-minutes and Daisy was done. We decided to have our picnic lunch before going to McDs. It’s rather lovely, even if the ants are annoying both of us. The playground emptied out so I think I’ll see if Daisy wants to go back in or just move on.

Hanging out with Daisy in the shade reminds me of what we’re missing by Tabitha not going to the Natural History Museum this year. They changed it from two 2-hour classes to one 6-hour class. Annoying on many different levels. We’re skipping this year, but I’d really like her to be able to finish her last 2 years there before she ages out. It’s one of those things though where it’s too long for Daisy and I to just hang out but driving back and forth in traffic 4 times a day isn’t exactly appealing. I’ve got a year to figure it out though.

Looks like Daisy has decided to engage in pure imaginative play as she’s walking around in the grass lost in her own world. Never mind, she asked to go back in the playground when I finished typing that sentence.

Sunday we went to California Adventure for our annual play in the water day. This year they even added a new water area. We also met up with friends for a little while, which was nice. We hung out for a little over an hour, their little one sorta did water and we separated as my girls had a lot more play to do and the little guy had his own agenda. It was great seeing them though and a short time is better than nothing. Hopefully we’ll do it again soon.

I’ve had Chris home since Friday so today seemed odd when he left this morning. He’ll also be home late so today is really off-kilter.

Only an hour and a half to go until we pick up Tabitha.

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