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like a missing limb

By Tara Zandra | July 21, 2010

We sent Tabitha off to camp yesterday.

I’m practically hyperventilating just typing that sentence! I actually was fine saying good-bye and didn’t cry or embarass her, but as we were driving away I just felt so weird. I thought I’d be fine because she goes on outings and sleepovers without me but I guess since I didn’t have a pick-up time in a couple hours that it felt odd. Last night when it was pretty cool here I was especially worried about her. She was very insistent on the type of PJs she packed and I’m just afraid she froze her patoot off last night. It’s the not knowing how she’s doing that’s killing me. I slept horribly and got up before 6 this morning.

Coincidentally, I went to this same camp when I was 12. For the life of me, I can’t really remember anything about it other than the sleeping arrangements.

Is it Friday yet?

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