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late night

By Tara Zandra | July 9, 2010

Chris left an hour an a half ago to pick Tabi up from an event this evening only to find out it had been delayed an hour. I’m not happy about how late she’ll be getting to bed. I’m drinking some caffeine so Chris and I can spend some more time together this evening before sleep takes over.

The one [small] bright side is I did get more work done on my sewing page. It takes a long time because I’m not just uploading photos, I’m actually writing a few sentences about each and every outfit. Turns out there’s been a lot since I started sewing 3 years ago. I’m up to Halloween 2008 but I think I’m almost done because I didn’t sew very much last year at all.

I feel like blogging as I’ve got good music going on but honestly, it wasn’t a terribly interesting day and I hear a key so it looks like they’re finally home.

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