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piercings, clouds, and dinner

By Tara Zandra | July 7, 2010

Tabitha has a magnetic lip ring that we bought her quite a few years ago. She’s wearing it today to book club and has informed me she plans to really get her lip pierced when she’s older. Now, I personally don’t care as it’s her body, but this is the same child who last week had a splinter in her foot. I pulled out the tweezers and she went into hysterics begging me not to touch it and screaming ow before anything was actually touched. Not sure how she’d let a piercer anywhere near her!

Between uninterrupted sleep due to the cat and then really crappy, overcast weather, I feel rather down in the dumps. I didn’t have a great day yesterday and so I’ve got that hanging over me as well. I have little desire to do much more than sit at home and wallow. But alas, that is not to be (probably for the better). I’m at a park with Daisy while Tabitha is at her book club.

Speaking of book club, Daisy says “I’m glad I’m not in book club. Sitting around talking about a book? That doesn’t sound very fun.” She’s so me. She and I both love reading, just not talking about it. A friend of mine is setting up a summer reading club, just two books, and I really thought I might join since it’s not something I’ve ever done. But I also haven’t conveyed that to her so I’m still not sure if I will. I was hoping Daisy would be starting book club in the fall though, maybe she won’t want to; I’ve never asked her.

Switching topics completely here, yesterday I needed to make my menu and shopping list. I’ve determined I’m in a serious cooking rut. I think that happens to everyone and I know it has happened to me before. But rather than pull out some exotic recipe from a cookbook that would take a ton of time, and probably money, I pulled out my stack of recipes. The stack consists of many things I’ve made in the past based on recipes I’ve printed off the internet. There are also recipes from backs of food packages like pasta or feta cheese and such. So these are just regular family dinner meals that I don’t cook often enough to have memorized or even to think about when I’m making a menu. Anyway, I found several good ones in there and put together a lovely menu for this week which I’m sure my family will appreciate. Plus both kids can help cook which is always a bonus. In Tabitha’s case it’s not so much helping as it is just cooking. But she chose to make sesame dinner rolls which is more baking. She prefers baking, which is fine, but she still needs to be comfortable cooking too. No kid of mine is going to go out on their own not knowing their way around a kitchen.

Well this has been long and varied enough. I’ve still got an hour to kill, but Tabitha gave me one of her books to read since I’ve got nothing of my own, so I think between that and watching Daisy have fun, I won’t be bored.

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One Response to “piercings, clouds, and dinner”

  1. Yo-yo Mama Says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Doodicus thinks it’d be cool to have tattoos. This is the same kid who has his own set of hystericals when it comes to applying (and then removing) a band-aid. Yeaaaaahhhh. A tattoo. Sure, son.