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By Tara Zandra | May 27, 2010

Today has been a very long day. It was Homeschool Day at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art, too lazy to link), so we headed out there this morning. We aimed to arrive early so we could walk around Tar Lake as it’s next door to the La Brea Tar Pits and Daisy really wanted to see the mastadon statues. Once inside the museum, I was disappointed to find school groups. When the Long Beach Aquarium has homeschool days, they don’t book school groups for those days so I kind of expected the same at LACMA. Unfortunately that was not the case and I felt like we were constantly avoiding galleries with groups. The only reason I don’t like being there with groups is because they are extremely loud (even Daisy, who’s 5 mind you, wondered why they didn’t know to be quiet in a museum) and also because if you are looking at what they want to see, they will bowl you over and take over your space regardless. Sadly, the groups weren’t the only problems. A good portion of the galleries we wanted to see are currently under renovation and we weren’t aware of that ahead of time. One painting we were looking for was being hung right when we were there, so that was kind of cool for the girls to see how it’s done. Anyway, not the best experience but certainly nothing worth keeping us away in the future.

After the lovely traffic to get home, we kind of collapsed for a bit. Then Chris was home and I realized Tabs and I had to leave in an hour so he grabbed Taco Bell for us. Then Tabitha and I went to Girl Scouts. After that I took her to a friend’s house for a slumber party before finally getting home at 8:30 at which point I had to put Daisy to bed because goodness forbid the child let her father do it. After 5 years you’d think she’d have cut the umbilical cord, but notsomuch.

Now I’m just beat. Chris and I are going to watch a little TV and then I expect to sleep very soundly. Of course, tomorrow rivals today in busy-ness, but at least I don’t have to sit in traffic.

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