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That’s a new one

By Tara Zandra | May 26, 2010

Today I received a phone call wondering where we were, more specifically, where Tabitha was. For what I believe is the first time in my mom-career, I completely, 100% forgot about something my child was to attend. Thankfully my friend called as opposed to simply assuming something came up and I was able to get Tabitha there immediately. It was the end of year party for her book club which included a quiz show and a swim party. She would have been devastated to have missed it. I felt really bad, but it’s not like this ever happens so Tabi wasn’t even mildly miffed with me.

My Mother’s Day gift from Chris arrived today. He had bought me a Dance, Dance Revolution game for the XBox. But the songs that were promised on the box weren’t actually in the game and only 2 songs were recognizable. It was obnoxious and not fun. I went online to read the reviews (which weren’t good) and several people mentioned contacting Konami since it’s not like you can return an opened game to a store. They offered Chris several solutions including returning our game to them and they would replace it with a different game. On the list were 2 DDR games for the Wii (which is what my Disney DDR game is on) so I read those reviews and chose the one I wanted. Today is game via FedEx and I broke it in this evening. It’s just what I want in a DDR game and can even use my Mii as the dancer, though the graphic is tall like a person, not small like a Mii. I had a lot of fun dancing to cheesy songs like “Ice, Ice Baby” and “Hungry Like the Wolf.” Definitely a good Mother’s Day gift :)

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