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By Tara Zandra | May 24, 2010

Chris went to a Lost finale event in LA last night so while he was gone I worked on Tabitha’s Sleeping Beauty dress. I got the bodice and skirt pieces cut out which doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m making my own pattern and the dress is made more complicated by being half blue and half pink so really it’s a decent amount. Around 10pm last night though I was tired enough to know I should stop because I was having problems with simple calculations. Instead I brewed some tea and curled up on the couch with a blanket and a book. That’s a pretty good way to spend an evening if you have to be alone.

Today was a long day, but in a good way. I got back on track by doing both yoga and a workout this morning which is a great way to start the day (I can say that after I actually get started; convincing myself to start is a whole ‘nother problem). Tabitha actually wasn’t in the best mood today, but I did my best not to let that get in the way of how I felt. It did get in the way of Daisy doing lessons, unfortunately, but then Daisy asked to play a computer game and while she was playing I saw the activities included reading and math so I stopped feeling bad.

But after dinner has been wonderful with both girls playing outside since Chris and I did some cleaning in the backyard yesterday. We hadn’t done the playhouse yet though and wouldn’t you know Daisy asked to go in it today? We’ll clean it out tomorrow evening as there wasn’t time today due to dance.

I’ve decided I’d like a foot massager but none of the reviews I’m reading seem to be better than 3 stars. The good ones are like boots and massage your calves as well which sounds wonderful; but they cost over $200 and frankly, that doesn’t seem even close to worth it.

Oh and the countdown to my birthday bash has begun! Today is the last Monday I’ll be 35 :)

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