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lovely day in may

By Tara Zandra | May 22, 2010

Tabitha had a great time at her event last night and this morning- the downside being her lack of sleep. Though she may fight going to bed every single, solitary night, she is not fond of waking up after not enough sleep and they were awoken at 7 this morning which is an hour an a half earlier than normal for her anyway.

Once we got her we stopped for donuts because I thought that would be a nice thing to do but it turns out Tabitha had had enough to eat and didn’t want anything. Coupled with the fact that the TV was on a Disney Channel show and it really felt like a waste of time since our children were ignoring us.

At home we did a bit of room cleaning and hanging out and eventually lunch and then Tabi and Chris played a video game together while I sat outside with Daisy. Then we all watched a couple of Lucy episodes before I cooked dinner.

I had hoped to get Daisy to bed because she also woke up too early and for the second day in a row. But we played a game before bed instead. I did manage to get Tabitha into bed rather early and I assume she was out like a light considering she was exhausted. Now it’s just Chris and I hanging out together :)

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