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By Tara Zandra | May 21, 2010

Today’s Google was the best! I love playing that little Pac-Man guy and the girls enjoyed cheering me on as I got those ghosts. Tabi told me how she played once but she hated the clunky joystick. Kids today, I tell ya! LOL

We stayed only briefly at park as we had extra stuff this afternoon and needed to have a breather in between. Tabitha’s at her very first GS overnight and it’s not even with her own troop! It’s not true camping or I wouldn’t have even considered it but she was still supposed to bring a mess kit and a sleeping bad. Since she’s getting those items eventually as her cookie sales reward, she’s there with a butterfly slumber bag and Tupperware for now. Oh well, we never proclaimed to be outdoorsy people even if we do like to pretend and go hiking every now and then.

Anyway, with Tabitha gone that means Chris and I get our together time 45-minutes earlier since Daisy’s in bed. Except all I can think of is sleep. It’s Friday and I would love to stay up and watch lots of shows with him, but I truly don’t know if I have it in me. Guess we’ll find out!

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2 Responses to “wakka-wakka”

  1. Mel Says:
    May 22nd, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    I played too. LOL But I wished for a joystick!
    B’s new GS troop for the fall does full on nature camping weekends at least twice a year…not sure how I’m going to handle that. She sure as heck won’t be allowed to go without me, and I sure as heck do NOT camp. They may have to count us out for that part!

  2. Vanessa Says:
    May 23rd, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Sounds cool! G’s troop stays overnight at the Scouthouse sometimes, where they can sleep indoors, and then other times they go to local parks that have campgrounds and do the full tent experience. I find it really ironic that when she’s camping, she can cook scrambled eggs for 20 people on a Coleman stove, but when she’s at home, she can’t go get her own snack out of the pantry!