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Last Tuesday

By Tara Zandra | May 18, 2010

So this is the last Tuesday I’ll ever be a Lost widow. I just thank goodness he didn’t watch the first few years and instead caught up on DVDs. It’s not that bad, I don’t mind a bit of time to myself, but I’m chained to headphones because I cannot stand listening to the loud explosions/gun fire/people dying/whathaveyou.

Still not doing any better today. I nearly collapsed this afternoon I was so tired. I went to lay down and fell aleeep and jolted awake 10-minutes later. Not sure what happened but then realized my brain fog had lifted so I went ahead and got up. I’m going to put my alarm forward an hour for the next two days and hopefully that will take care of this extreme tiredness.

So not much to report for today, obviously I’m not getting anything done. We did have dance this morning and when we got home instantly realized we left Tabitha’s dance bag and my tripod there. I had taken the tripod to take a video of Daisy’s dance to help her practice. We really didn’t feel like turning around and going right back so we’ll do that tomorrow instead. Tabitha worked on her Park Day Gazette for most of the day and I pretended to care about making a menu and doing dishes and laundry. I do think I came up with a good menu though. Tonight was Cream of Parsley Soup, Asparagus-Mushroom-Sun Dried Tomato Risotto, and Sourdough bread. Turns out risotto and soup on the same night are not a good idea because I do not have nearly enough pots to pull that off easily! The soup did not turn out very well though I managed to fix it enough to be edible. The risotto on the other hand, was so freaking good! Well, to 3 of us anyway. Daisy didn’t enjoy anything so she had a PB&J. She gave everything a real good try and seemed very sad to tell me she didn’t care for dinner. I actually felt bad for her.

Well, I think my towels are dry so I suppose I should go fold them.

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