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do what you want

By Tara Zandra | May 9, 2010

It’s annual “kick the family out of the house” day! My day started with breakfast in bed served to me by Chris. He even went to McDonald’s to get me a big Diet Coke. I slept until close to 8 which is pretty darn late for me so that was nice. After the girls got up I was given gifts- slippers from Daisy (I’ve been hinting for those), a Dance Dance game from Chris, and candles from Tabitha that she made in Girl Scouts by stamping tissue paper and then heat sealing the paper to the candles so they have flowers one them. Very pretty and I know just where I’m going to put them.

The family left around 10am and I sat here at the computer and played for a bit. Then I cranked the music very, very loud and, well, I cleaned the house. But that’s what I wanted to do, so it’s okay! I took a late shower and played on the computer some more. Then I headed to the grocery store simply because it seemed like the best time to go. I cruised by McD’s on my way home for another large Diet Coke and also a few cookies which became my lunch, lol. At home there was more loud music and ditzing around here and there. I took care of some photo editing that needed to be done but eventually I chose silence, made some hot tea and sat on the couch with my comfy slippers and my book.

The thing about the day that made it wonderful, aside from the phenomenal love of my family, was no matter what I did, I wasn’t interrupted; I ate a piece of chocolate and didn’t have a child pop up and ask for some; I got dressed in about 5 minutes because no one needed me to find a toy or pour a drink; I cleaned the house without having to stop and answer questions. I don’t need to be alone very often, but I think I went a little too long since the last time and was way overdue. I just needed to be, and nothing more.

Once evening hit, my family did call though and came by to get me and we went out to dinner with my in-laws. Everything seemed to be full of flavor so it was a really good meal. Of course, the company and conversation were as wonderful as always.

So that was my Mother’s Day :) I did see my mom last night, the four of us went out to dinner with her and gave her cards and had a really nice meal. All in all, a lovely weekend.

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