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Cinco de Mayo

By Tara Zandra | May 5, 2010

I was going to write today’s post in Spanish, but decided that would be more trouble than the smile it would give me would be worth. Plus I know I would get enough of it wrong to be positively cringe inducing.

As I sit here in the breeze, I realized how much I love Spring. I always say my favorite time of year is Fall because I love how it goes Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas then into Winter which means birthday celebrations for my girls. But the thing about Spring is the promise of the future. You can sense summer and all of it’s carefree possibilities, yet it’s not blistering hot yet. Today is a gorgeous 78 with clear skies and that aforementioned breeze wafting through. I’m supposedly reading, but really I’m dreaming of plans I would love to make this Summer.

Adding to the lovely weather was simply the lovliness of the day all around. Daisy took a blanket out front to simply sit in the sun and play with Polly Pockets. She also drew with chalk and observed ants. I wish I had thought to have her take a magnifying glass but I’ll remember for next time. I sat out there with her for awhile which led to a discussion of bees. She has a deep phobia of all flying insects because she thinks they are bees. She will cover her face and run screaming from anything flying and has been known to burst into tears out of fear. Mind you, the child has never been stung nor has she ever seen anyone be stung. Anyway, while we were sitting there, a black and yellow insect landing on the bush I was near. I assured her many times it was not a bee before thinking to ask if she knew what bees look like and surprisingly, she said not really. Tabitha has a great reference book on insects so she got it out for Daisy who loved looking through it. She especially enjoyed the picture of the praying mantis devouring his lunch, because she’s a little funny like that (she also thinks beheading toys is hilarious).

Aside from that, Tabitha and I did every subject for lessons except Chemistry. I had planned on doing it and even read through the chapter this morning but then realized we wouldn’t have time for the lab until Monday and didn’t want to take that much time between the reading of the chapter and doing the lab. So we’ll simply start the chapter on Monday. Daisy and I also did lessons after taking a week off due to her being sick last week. We started her printing today which she enjoyed. Although, when I first told her we’d be doing printing she thought I meant printing something out on the computer and she was much confused!

Going back to the subject of Spring, we have baby birds! The next was built about 2 or 3 weeks ago and the mama bird very rarely left so we assumed there were eggs. Yesterday we noticed the mama would leave on occasion and it did appear she was feeding babies deep in the nest. Today I watched for her to leave and then took a chair outside as well as my camera. There was no way I could look into the nest without getting way too close, so I simply put my camera over the nest and snapped away. I didn’t want to be there too long for fear of freaking out the bird parents so I didn’t get the best pictures. But 2 of them absolutely show the baby birds in the bottom of the nest. Ugly little things, lol. I’ll go back out in a week and take a couple more pics so we can watch them grow.

I love Spring!

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