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I suppose I should type something

By Tara Zandra | May 4, 2010

To be filed under the adage of “You learn something new everyday.” I just found out that “alright” isn’t a word. Could of fooled me! Apparently the phrase is “alright is not all right.” Okay then, note taken.

In other news…..

it was a boring day. We did nothing. Honest to goodness, nothing. The girls had dance this morning and we had to go to the store. Those are pretty much the high points of the day.

I did work a tiny smidge on some sewing this evening. I’m making a dress for Daisy for a “Princess and the Frog” party on Saturday. I took Daisy to the fabric store the other day and let her choose between Princess Tiana fabric and pink fabric with greeen frogs that say “kiss me” all over. Much to my delight, she chose the frog fabric. And the pattern comes with a hat! I love it when there are hats involved :) It’s a fairly simple dress but I know that hat is going to be annoying so hopefully I’ll get a huge chunk of the dress done tomorrow then finished on Thursday which will allow me a whole day to do that hat on Friday. Well, not technically the whole day what with me being gone from 10-3:30, but after that I’ll have plenty of time until 2am rolls around, which is my normal quit time on a project it seems.

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