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lovely weekend

By Tara Zandra | May 3, 2010

Saturday was a quick dance performance for the girls in which I did not stay downstairs with Daisy and convinced her to let me watch the whole thing. She kept Chris with her for awhile, but eventually her friends showed up and she let him go as well. I don’t get to see the recital from the audience because IMO Daisy is far too young to be left backstage for hours, so this was my only chance to see all the dances. I enjoyed myself immensely though wish the lighting had been better for pictures.

Sunday we went to The Huntington for hours and hours. We enjoyed art, relaxed outside of the cafe, explored large trees, watched frogs and turtles swim about and wandered a good portion of the grounds. I spent a lot of time taking pics of the girls which I am eager to go through.

Today Chris came home very early because all that walking yesterday killed his back. He spent all of today laying on the living room floor and by late afternoon said it was feeling much better.

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