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absolutely nothing

By Tara Zandra | April 27, 2010

That’s pretty much what we did today. Daisy was too sick to go to dance so we were just at the studio for a little bit for Tabitha’s lesson. Then we came home and Tabitha decided she was more tired than she’s ever been in her life and collapsed on the sofa. I sent her off to my bed to actually sleep if she was so tired, but 20-minutes later she was out looking for food. Daisy was all over the place today, I think she’s going stir-crazy. I hope to goodness she’s a whole lot better tomorrow because I’d like to take her to a playplace to get some of the spastic out. Then it was getting close to time for violin and Tabitha had a meltdown over I don’t know what. I pretty much sat at the computer counting down until bedtime. Actually, I was feeling pretty wiped out myself this evening and took a quick snooze after dinner. Now I’m still pretty grumpy about how the day went so I’m still counting down until child #2 goes to bed so I can hopefully unwind a bit. I think though that the bad mood is here to stay and Glee will probably just cheese me off.

Here’s hoping to everyone being back to normal tomorrow!

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