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I miss my big chair

By Tara Zandra | April 25, 2010

Once upon a time we had a big, comfy chair in the living room under the windows. It was the best spot in the world to sit in the spring with the fabulous cross breeze in this house. Alas, it eventually broke and went away. That spot is now the music and art center. Now, I don’t begrudge my children their area and goodness knows they use that space more than I used the chair, but sometimes, like now, I really wish I had it. Chris and Tabi are on their way to the Kings game (courtesy of my BIL), Daisy is playing on the computer, the dishwasher is a making a lovely swishing noise in the background (no sarcasm, it really sounds nice right now) and I’m salivating over books online adding to my wishlist; it just seems like it would be more perfect if I was in a big, comfy chair instead of the dining room table.

What I need to do while I still have the motivation of sunlight, is go clean the bathroom. It was on my to-do list all week and all I managed to do was put away nail polish and rubber bands. Not exactly a feeling of accomplishment even if there were approximently 1,235 rubber bands/hair bows/scrunchies on the counter.

At least I did my menu and grocery list for the week so I can go out as soon as Chris gets home. I’d rather not go so late at night, but Daisy has a minor cold so I don’t want to drag her around unnecessarily. I didn’t finish my raw foods menu though because I’m currently too full from dinner to think about more food.

Overall it’s been a pretty good weekend; I do occasionally like weekends where we’re not out on some adventure. But only sometimes, I wouldn’t want it to be an every week kind of thing :)

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