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nice little day

By Tara Zandra | April 24, 2010

The girls started the morning with sword fighting. Daisy was dressed as Cinderella and Tabitha was a pirate and they were fighting with a light saber and a hook and sword. For next time Tabitha would like us to figure out a jedi princess outfit for her. I think we’ll be repurposing the Grecian dress for that.

We then headed out for a quick visit to my in-laws’ where we ended up looking through old tourist memorabilia from Chris’s grandmother’s (I believe first) visit to CA back in 1972. We brought home a ticket book from Disneyland (no E tickets left, of course), a Disneyland guide book and a menu from Farrell’s! There was other stuff from Universal Studios and Hollywood in general that was also very cool to look through.

We then went to Target and Home Depot. We still had two gift cards to Home Depot from Christmas and we put them to use on black weed blanket and staples for the front area we’re working on. When we got home, Chris took care of that while Tabitha busied herself making a Toy Story video with Toy Story figures. Eventually Daisy and I went out to Lowe’s for browsing and a stop at the grocery store.

Tonight we watched a few more Lusy episodes in which we’ve finally made it to Season 2. Not sure what’s in store for Chris and I for the rest of the evening as we have no movies to watch. I think we have regular shows on Tivo left.

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