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nothing like the last minute

By Tara Zandra | April 15, 2010

So I have the most intricate applique that I’ve ever attempted sitting on my table. Not to mention I haven’t appliqued anything in over a year. Yet, I didn’t even start working on it until this evening and I want it finished Saturday night. Oh, and I also need to make a pair of pants because the black knit ones I was going to use won’t work afterall. Did I mention the hand embroidery for the details? Gotta love procrastination!

Tabitha pleaded too tired to hold her violin today (insert eye roll here) but as she wasn’t exhibiting any signs of being tired, we still did spelling, French and math. Daisy and I did the customary reading and math. Daisy read some Dr. Seuss on her own today which always makes me happy. As a matter of fact, she seems to finally be entering the phase where she’ll try to read something first before asking what it says. That’s really a turning point from “learning to read” to “reading.” I love it!

This evening Chris and I had a quick date. We just went out to dinner and a run into Target for a 3 things, but it was a fairly long dinner and any alone time is welcome :)

Right now he’s simultaneously watching Game 1 of the Kings playoffs as well as the Dodger game. I’m kind of working on my applique project but am so full from dinner still, that I’m not that much in the mood. Maybe I’ll work a little then take an invigorating shower.

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