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taking it easy

By Tara Zandra | April 14, 2010

Tabitha has a bit of a virus which makes her very tired so our days are pretty easygoing right now. She can do one activity and then need to rest for half an hour or so. At one point today though she was tired enough that she was teary and unable to stop so I sent her to nap. She didn’t actually sleep (story of her life) but she did lay down for almost an hour and I think that did her a lot of good. We had a couple things planned for tomorrow, but they’ve been cancelled as I don’t think she’s up for them.

I finally got all the Easter stuff put away today. My living room feels much better now. I also found places for a few items that were hanging out in the dining room on top of the play kitchen. Basically clutter that needed to go away. Coupled with the fact that I was able today to file away ALL of my cookie info that was on top of my printer and now my dining room is better too. The girls and I delivered the absolute last boxes of cookies yesterday and now I can finally say it is all officially over!

I got nothing else, I’ve sat on me arse for the last 4 hours reading disboards. It’s been that kind of day, lol.

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