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first day

By Tara Zandra | April 12, 2010

I started math with Daisy today and it went just fine. Clearly it’s easy as can be, but I’m talking more about her attitude. I was sort of afraid that seeing Tabitha do math would scare her off since Tabitha’s math takes a long time to get through and must seem boring as hell to a 5 year old. But there were no issues and she enjoyed playing with the linking blocks for a long time after the lessons were done.

This evening Daisy picked up a few of her books and read them aloud. Now there’s a strong case there that she was going on memorization for the most part. But then she decided to read them all backwards losing both context and memorization. Chris and I were suitably impressed, though eventually I got tired of hearing sentences such as “chimp a like swing you can.”

I also want to go ahead and order Handwriting without Tears for Daisy. I never formally taught Tabitha printing for reasons that were sound at the time. Then she begged to learn cursive around age 6 and that was that. But her writing stinks, both printing and cursive for the most part. Daisy wants a printing program anyway because she doesn’t know how to write many lower case letters. As for Tabi, many times the child prints because she says others can’t read her cursive (I don’t think it’s that bad, I just think she’s referring to younger friends). So I asked her if she wants to print or handwrite and she said cursive so I’m going to get a HWT cursive practice book for older children for her. Hopefully she can relearn the skill and neaten up her writing. And let this be a lesson to me, if Daisy asks to learn cursive at a young age, get her a practice book every other year to reenforce the skill.

Back to reading, I found “phonics comics” written by the same person who does Daisy’s reading books. Basically they are little comic books for beginning readers and Daisy will love that since she enjoys looking through Tabitha’s comic books all the time.

Lastly, I need to order both ancient history stuff and California history stuff and I asked Tabitha which she wanted first (I stagger my orders to keep costs down). She chose ancient history so we’ll be diving back into that very soon. We last left off at the fall of the Roman Empire. Wish I had been able to learn with Story of the World when I was a child, maybe then it wouldn’t have taken me until my 30s to realize that history is actually very interesting!

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