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forgot about Easter

By Tara Zandra | April 9, 2010

I never did talk about Easter, did I? We had three of them, in a way. Last Friday we had an egg hunt and potluck with our park group. Then on Saturday we went to my in-laws’ and had full Easter brunch with them, my BIL and his gf and her kids, as well as a family friend and an relative who’s here visiting. Tabitha brought homemade carrot cake which turned out really good. All the food was delicious and as always, the conversation enjoyable.

After food, Chris and his brother went to hide the eggs in the front yard for all the kids to find. At the end of the day, the 4 of us also went out to dinner with my in-laws then we came home and probably collapsed, though I don’t actually remember :) Oh wait, I do remember now, the girls dyed the Easter eggs with Chris’s help.

Sunday morning was very early as Miss Tabitha must have been clock watching. She came to shake me awake at 7 on the dot. We told her to give us a minute but she immediately went to wake up her sister. The girls hunted eggs and then went through their baskets. Tabitha got a “Puppy in my Pocket” spring time set, a “Baby in my Pocket” set, Easter Silly Putty, a stuffed Puffle from Club Penguin, and a baby Zhu Zhu pet. Daisy also got a baby Zhu Zhu and a “Baby in my Poket” set, as well as a “Jungle in my Pocket” set, a stuffed penguin from Club Penguin, and a Fancy Nancy Easter book. Plus they both got candy including their gold wrapped Lindt milk chocolate bunnies that they get every year.

Around noon my mom and sister came over for visiting and Easter dinner. We had another carrot cake from Tabitha and I also made bow-tie pasta with broccoli and veggie sausage (like kielbasa style) with homemade Alfredo sauce, roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar, red cabbage salad (a la North Woods Inn if you’re familiar with that restaurant), and Hawaiian rolls on the side. Dessert was the carrot cake and also strawberries with whipped cream. Oh and the appetizer was deviled eggs, of course, and mini danishes (not homemade). All in all, it was a lovely meal.

Tomorrow maybe we can finally put away those Easter decorations!

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