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button pushing

By Tara Zandra | April 8, 2010

So when I’m not feeling well, or in a bad mood or whatever, the kids are so sweet and understanding and do whatever they can to help me have an easier day. But if I’m in a great mood those same two kids decide to push every button I have in their attempt to ruin my mood. I really don’t get that one as it serves no purpose to anybody. Good thing my rugrats are cute!

Yesterday the kids were all hyped that today we’d go scootering around the neighborhood instead of just walk. They’ve talked about it non-stop since they woke up this morning. We finally were gearing up to go and Daisy’s helmet doesn’t fit anymore.

Cue the tears.

I’ve promised they can take their scooters to park tomorrow but they are both still rather disappointed today. I should mention that Daisy doesn’t go fast on her scooter so I’m only concerned about her wearing a helmet where cars are on the extremely slim chance she were to be hit. I have no problem with her riding for all of 10-minutes on the path in the middle of park because if she were to fall, she’d be going so slow that in all likelyhood, she would do no damage to herself.

We’re going to venture out in an hour or so to browse Toys R Us because we haven’t done that in awhile. So far this morning Tabitha has done book club work, French, violin, poetry and US Presidents. In fact, she completed her Presidential timeline so it is now proudly displayed on the wall with red, white and blue push pins. Now that she’s done with US History and Presidents, I really need to get cracking on ordering the California history books. There are so many things though, it’s going to be a fun year, that’s for sure. We want to visit all the missions and of course we’ll need to pan for gold and as many other field trips as I can come up with. Actually, we should probably go to Nixon’s museum and Reagan’s museum as well since she did all those presidents. We’ll count seeing the Hall of Presidents in Disney World as a field trip too, lol. We’ve seen it twice and it was different because the first time George W. was the current pres. and the second time it was Obama. Now that I think about it, they reopened Mr. Lincoln’s show at Disneyland and Tabi hasn’t seen that in years, certainly not since she started her timeline.

Daisy’s math books came yesterday so we’ll be starting formal math lessons on Monday. It’s the same Saxon curriculum that Tabitha used so I still have the main book, I just needed to order the consumable books. She’s looking forward to it, but she also hears Tabitha’s math lessons and since she doesn’t understand any of that, she’s a tad nervous. Last night I was telling her how she gets to use the play money and the pattern blocks and stuff in math and she really thought that was funny. But I think I eased her fears a tad. Honestly she has nothing to worry about, the kid gets math. Which is kind of worrisome in that I may need to purchase a different curriculum for her. In my opinion, Saxon is best for kids who don’t get math, ie Tabitha. But it’s not something I really need to worry about as the basics are the basics regardless of the program. I just prefer using a curriculum so I don’t skip any of those basics. And really, I’m far too lazy to make up my own, lol.

Alright, this is long enough and it’s time to pull Tabi off the computer for her own math lessons :)

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