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just a tuesday

By Tara Zandra | April 6, 2010

Nothing really interesting to report for today. We had dance classes early this morning and violin this afternoon. In between Tabitha did French, spelling and math and Daisy read to me at violin.

I talked to Daisy a bit about dancing because she mentioned wanting to be in her normal class this summer (as opposed to a themed day camp) but when I told her that is both tap and ballet at first she didn’t seem to care and then said nevermind. Then I watched her during class and she was doing these new tap moves that looked complicated, to me anyway, and she was doing them well. So I brought up tap again once we were home and she wavered between saying she wouldn’t mind tap and saying she’d rather do the other category of dance (hard for me to explain). I kind of thought she was getting tired of discussing it so I suggested I just choose her classes and she goes along with it until she said otherwise. She liked that idea. But then the competition team had to be brought back up again due to an email I received and this time I had the thought to ask her if she new what it meant to compete. The kid had no idea whatsoever. I explained it’s just regular performing like she does now but there would be other dance schools and judges and the winners get trophies. She really liked the idea of judges and very much liked the idea of trophies. Last year she was the most improved dancer in her age group so she got a special trophy at the recital as well as the one everyone gets and so now she really likes trophies. We talked more even though I had told her we wouldn’t. It is simply impossible to know what she’s thinking though. We did finally come to the conclusion that we’d let her instructor know that she was up for either competition team and whatever happens, happens. We’ll know on Friday what direction she’s going to go with the dance school.

Now Chris is going to watch Lost so I think I’ll hope into a hot bath with my book.

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