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case of the mondays

By Tara Zandra | March 29, 2010

You know I had such a fabulous weekend and today was the complete opposite. It’s a busy week of fun things but I also have several not so fun but absolutely must-do things and I cannot fit them all in. I was majorly stressing today; enough so that I gave up on the raw foods around 2 o’ clock and went to buy a cookie and a Diet Coke from McDonald’s. But what I ate for lunch before that was pretty darn good. I took slices of cucumber, topped with a slice of roma tomato, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with a quicky guacomole. I didn’t have any lime juice, hence the balsamic.

Tabitha only did French today because she spent most of the day finishing all her Girl Scout badges she’s been working on. Most of them needed 1 more activity to be finished and her awards ceremony is this week. She really focused and got tons done today, I’m really proud of her. It’s always nice when your kid does work completely unprompted. Kind of like how I felt Friday morning when Tabitha insisted on practicing her violin before book club (we usually don’t have time on Friday mornings).

That’s the best I can do for tonight’s post :)

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