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excellent weekend

By Tara Zandra | March 28, 2010

Yesterday was a fairly leisurely morning and then off to a quick dance performance for the girls. It was a community type thing where there were booths from all sorts of businesses and programs relating to kids and they had information about what they offered. It’s not our particular city, but close enough that we could do some of the stuff. There were 2 different theatre camps, but both were a summer long commitment as opposed to a week or two. That would be fine except Tabitha likes to do a variety of camps so they won’t work for us. Below is a pic of the girls since now Tabitha has her costume as well. Oh, and I curled Daisy’s hair so it would look better in the headband.


After we were home and had lunch, Chris did some work in the backyard while I sewed and the girls played together. I actually finished all but the tie of Daisy’s robe last night. She put it on and ran around proclaiming it her wizard robe. In the evening we watched a couple of I Love Lucy episodes (we’re still in season 1 so need to watch more often) and then baths for both girls then bedtime for them.

Chris and I watched another movie; this time, Up in the Air. The funny this is we watched Extract last weekend which had Jason Bateman. Friday night we watched Couple’s Retreat, which had Jason Bateman. Turns out he was in Up in the Air too. We had no idea. In looking at his IMDB page, we see that he’s also in The Invention of Lying which is on our to-watch list. If he keeps this up he’ll be the next Kevin Bacon.

Today we had another easy morning and then we went to meet my in-laws for breakfast at Millies. We had a nice visit and a good breakfast; eggs benedict, yum :)

Then we headed out to a park we hadn’t been to before but I saw a picture online and they had slides that are 3 stories tall. Giant! Honestly, Daisy was scared to go down them and only did one of them twice before declaring them off limits to herself. This is a kid who doesn’t scare easily. I’ll share pics of the park later as we also went on nature walk and have pics from that too. It was quite lovely albeit hot. Aside from the trail, there was a small oak grove, a clearing with a peace obelisk, another clearing with pillars made from local artists to symbolize recycling, a butterfly garden and a hedge maze. Tabitha used this walk to complete a few different Girl Scout badges that needed finishing.

Once home, Daisy asked to play with water outside. Since the yard itself isn’t done and it’s a little early to get out wading pools, I just filled a few big bins with water and she played happily with that. Then I suggested the sit and splash (it’s a sit and spin with a hose attachment) and she was all for that. Eventually her sister joined her outside and they had fun with the hose too spraying each other with all the different modes on the nozzle.

After they came inside we watched 2 more Lucy episodes before having a light dinner. After dinner, the girls played separately, Chris played his game and I did the belt on Daisy’s robe and now it’s all done!


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2 Responses to “excellent weekend”

  1. Mandi Says:
    March 28th, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    I love the robe. And it looks like it will fit her for several years to come.
    The girls look beautiful in their dresses. I’m a total sucker for tulle and all things floofy and feminine. I’d like a dress like Daisy’s in my size. LOL

    Your weekend sounded excellent indeed. :D

  2. Mel Says:
    March 29th, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    Cute and cute! Love that ducky pattern. And I noticed her adorable bed in the background. Not sure if I ever missed a post on that before but it’s very cute and unique.